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Push Notification - Release due shortly

Chronicle is pleased to announce 'Push notifications' will be available in next Smart Phone App release for both Apple and Android users.

Push notification software allows the sending of notifications to users in order to create more engagement with the Chronicle application. Our push notifications will deliver information from the core Chronicle Online Workforce Management platform to the mobile device without a demand from the user. It is a great tool to help you stay in contact with your users.

Subscribers of Chronicle and LinkedIN viewers please vote/comment on the most desirable Push notification feature from the list below. Development will then prioritise the features released, based on user feedback over the coming weeks/months.

Example Notifications:- (in no particular order)

  • Reminder to Clock IN and OUT for employees at the start and end of shift times

  • New Company Announcements

  • Newly released Payslip

  • Shift/Roster Changes

  • New available shifts - Accept Maybe or Decline

  • Holiday Requests - Authorised or Declined

  • Shift Swaps Authorised

  • Overtime approval

  • Return to work interview required alert

For more information or to design your own custom notification please speak with your Account Manager today.

"For many companies one of the biggest challenges when implementing a new workforce management solution is the cultural and operational change required across the business. Primarily this is the age old problem of getting people to clock in and out after having used a paper timesheet for years.

We hope by investing in 'push notifications', this will help speed up the adoption of our technology resulting in tangible benefits for both clients and employees. With better quality data, our clients will be able to pay employees with an increased level of accuracy, whilst having spent less time preparing and administrating payroll at the end of a period. " Rupert Lassen, Managing Director.

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