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Portable Biometric Terminals

Our clients in Construction and Event Industry use the Chronicle Online Mobile Biometric clocking terminal to track hours.

With no network or data point required our Mobile offering is simple and easy to set up and a great reliable solution.

  • Got remote staff?

  • On site for a short period of time?

  • Want to clock and record there hours but have limited infrastructure?


Biometric Terminal


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2 G Sim Card

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Completely Portable  Biometric Terminal & Software


All our Time and Attendance Solutions units have as standard


  • A steel case with a lockable back 

  • Memory and Battery Back-up as standard, avoiding any lost clocking’s or power failure issues on site.

  • Works in Live time – giving instant live data

  • Synced to an atomic clock, so the device never loses or displays the wrong time.

  • Automatically adjusts for BST.

  • Powered and Networkable for constant up time and robustness.


User Confidentiality

Chronicle offers fingerscan biometric devices. Fingerscans are not fingerprints. Many people refer to fingerscans as “fingerprints,” but the data of a fingerscan template is not suitable for law enforcement fingerprint matching. 


The Chronicle fingerscan products produce a template that represents points along the unique features and minutiae found in a fingerprint pattern. The template files cannot be reverse engineered to reproduce a fingerprint because the reader does not save the necessary information.


Reliability Rules

Successful biometric installation and use typically requires:

  • Management Support (commitment to a maintenance schedule, etc.)

  • Training of Supervisors and Employees

  • Satisfactory Environmental Conditions


Even if all these requirements are met it’s important to note:

  • Not all users can be enrolled (for various physiological reasons).

  • Biometric devices are susceptible to vandalism.

  •  Environmental conditions can affect operation (e.g., moisture, dust, cold).


Chronicle uses these fingerscan technologies for their proven reliability, given a few simple rules:

  • All terminals within a facility are installed correctly (installation height observed, obstructions avoided).

  • The employee enrollment procedure is closely followed.

  • The sensor is maintained on a scheduled basis.


  • Screen to verify transactions

  • Time Synched to Atomic clock

  • Customisable Keypad

  • Proximity or Biometric Reader

  • Optional Battery Back Up

  • Optional Memory Enhancement

  • Optional POE 

  • Optional SIM Card Connection


Reduce your staff bill by 3-5% per annum

Whether you're a small or large business, our time and attendance system makes it a doddle to accurately track your largest expense, your staff!

Never over or under pay again.

 Contact us for a demonstration or Sign Up for a free 30 Day Trial - start saving today

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