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Manage Employees Movement & Access Levels

Cloud-Based Access Control

A complete Access Control Solution

Secure your premises, your employees and your assets.

Access Control
Works with any Access Control Hardware

Chronicle Access, is a completely cloud-enabled Access Control solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. 


Utilising the latest access control door controllers, readers, magnetic locks, break glasses, and push-button exits. Chronicle Access can control and manage who enters and leaves internal and external doors, car park barriers, full and half height turnstiles.


Empower, security and facility managers to see in real time who is where and their movements for the day week month or year.

  • Restrict Employees Movement

  • Time and Zoned Access Control

  • Reporting in Real-time

  • Single Door or Multi door solutions

  • Sites Surveys 

  • Project Management 

  • Trained Electricians 

  • Single Door or Multi door solutions

  • Custom Access schedules

  • Connect to Fire Panels

  • Enable Anti Pass back

  • Door Forced Alerts​

Electrical Inspectors
  • Fire Reporting

  • Automatic Door release ​

  • Door Monitoring

Real Time Fire Reports on any device
  • Filter by Muster point

  • Live roll call

  • Real time data

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