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Chronicle Online + Xero: Save tons of time

Do you spend a lot of time keying in data manually to run payroll  in Xero? Do you use manual spreadsheets that take time and create numerous errors and inaccuracies? No more such problems! Chronicle Online will integrate with Xero helping sync employees, match pay rates and send worked hours and payments automatically. 

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Why connect Chronicle to Xero?

The benefits of connecting Chronicle Online with Xero include:

Save Admin Time 

Send hours into Xero with one click

Avoid Errors

Reduce errors when running payroll using 'Send Payments' feature


Avoid Overpayments

Automated rules helps users avoid making mistakes and overpaying

Streamlined Data Entry

Use Sync Employee feature to avoid double entry of data

What Chronicle does?

Time Tracking

Employee can capture worked hours using a Smart Phone Facial Recognition App with Location Services or Clock IN/OUT using a range of terminals, including fingerprint, facial recognition or fob and card-based technology.


Ensure you have the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time using Chronicle Scheduling.

HR Records

Manage employees skills, training, appraisals, disciplines, safety equipment certificates and assets using Chronicle HR

Contact us today for a demonstration of Xero and Chronicle Integration

Xero UK Payroll

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Connect Chronicle Online to Xero in 3 Steps

Embedded in Chronicle Online are numerous 'Getting Started Videos', showing how to configure shifts, create employees and get clocking IN and OUT.

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Step 1 - Signup MyApp

Step 2 - Connect to Xero

Go to Xero in Navigation - click on "Connection"

Enter username and password to connect to Xero and allow.

Step 3 - Allow Chronicle Access to Xero

Allow Organisation Data to be shared including:

  • Employees 

  • Payruns

  • Transactions

  • Payroll Settings

For further information on configuring Chronicle and Xero to sync employees and payrates - click here

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James Zalewski

"A breath of fresh air for my Accounts team. Seamless moving of hours, employees and pay rates.:


TOME Furlonger

"Running payroll now each month results in significantly less errors and takes a fraction of the time"

Will Fletcher
IT Manager

"Fast and easy to set up. A very powerful solution when combining Xero and Chronicle Online."

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"Chronicle Xero integration has saved me hours each month in administration time"

Chronicle Online 2023
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