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New Manager App _ Fire Reporting Features

Feature 1.

Chronicle Manager App - now has a new setting to allow a 'Fire Marshall' to see everybody regardless or normal access / tag levels.

We found that a lot of Fire Marshalls in companies were line managers of small team but come the weekly fire drill needed access to everybody to rollcall and mark safe. The change does not give the person access to employee data or pay data etc - literally just the name for swiping off the roll call as safe.

Feature 2.

Previously in the app if you moved around the other pages or dragged down on the page, the app refreshed (as expected) but what that did was reset all historic people marked as safe and the fire marshall had to start the process again. This defeated the object somewhat so a new lock button has been introduced that effectively locks and saves the list for the remainder of the day.

Feature 3.

New Swipe control tools to mark present or undo, as the previous ones were a little temperamental on apple devices.


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