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Considering Access Control

Chronicle Online has its own Access Control module.

Our team of engineers can control any door turnstile, gate or barrier with our cloud based access controllers and Mifare readers.

Fully insured and Safe Contractor certified if you are looking to secure your premise and get management of employee, visitors and contractors movements around site give your account manager a call.

Chronicle Access Control supports the following functionality:

  • Timed and Zoned Access Levels

  • Fire Panel integration

  • Automatic Email alerts, sent in the event of Fire Panel activation

  • Movement analysis reports by person or door.

  • Options to configure doors to remain 'Safe' or 'Secure' in the event of an emergency

  • Fire Report on Tablet, Desktop or Mobile device.

  • Visitor Contractor Management and request features

  • Auto expiring cards/fobs

  • Key overides

  • Anti Passback

  • Anti Tailgating

  • Safe Swipe Muster Points

  • Intercoms - Audio and visual

  • PIP Panel

  • Visitor Management Module - tablet app to have contactless reception.


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