New Case Study - Rumbol Products

About Rumbol Products

Rumbol are a manufacturer specialising in the production of sustainted release trace element and vitamin ruminant boluses.

The product was conceived and eventually crafted as a result of a decade of research and development by the late Dr. Norman Ritchie and his colleagues at the University of Glasgow during the 1980’s. As a scholar and a lecturer in agricultural nutrition, Dr Ritchie believed the ruminant bolus could impact the lives of millions of farmers and cows worldwide. He started our manufacturing business in 1988. Rumbol have operated from their current premises in Clydebank since 1993. To this day these boluses, which are distributed by Agrimin Ltd, are considered to be the industry gold standard. The boluses optimise growth rates in the young, aid in easier calvings, help grow strong healthy calves, reduce the calving spread and optimise general condition in cattle. Active components include copper, cobalt, selenium, manganese, zinc, iodine, and vitamins A, D3 and E.

The Situation

Having grown year on year since 1988 and having recently moved into new offices, Rumbol wanted to refresh and update their workforce management system.