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Create bespoke Workflows for your business

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Workflows - Onboarding Employes made easy

Chronicle Workflow 

Utilising highly a configurable workflow process tool combined with a visual and elegant Kanban control. Chronicle Workflow allows businesses to create their unique internal processes in a digital format.

Onboarding – Recruitment – Offboarding -Performance Management -Retirement

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Workflow integrates with Employee Self Servicing and enables:

  • Manager Alerts & Reminders

  • Task Management

  • Digital Sign Off

  • Uploads and Downloads of Documents,

  • Centralised Company Records

  • Audit Reports

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Integrated with Docu Sign employees and managers can electronically sign off with a time and date stamp all types of documents and records.

Perfect for managing:

  • Company Assets

  • PPE & Safety Equipment

  • Procedure and Process documentation

  • Indication material

  • Training and Skills

  • Appraisal and Discipline material

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