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Time and Attendance Systems for the UAE

Get control over your Wage Bill now!

Designed for the UAE
Cloud Based Solution
Time Management / Scheduling / HR
Biometrics / Proximity / Smart Phone 
Get set up in 24HRs
Holiday Booking Self Servicing Features
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Simple Easy to Use Cloud-Based
Time and Attendance / Scheduling & HR Software
Biometric Clockin Termial
Proximity Terminal
Proximity Fob
Biometric Self Servicing Clockin Terminals

Reduce your staff bill by 5% per annum

Whether you're a small or large business, our time and attendance system makes it a doddle to accurately track your largest expense, your staff!

Never over or under pay again.

Email us to speak with a Chronicle Advisor


Chronicle is built and supported in the UK


Chronicle Online adapts to the device your using. Tablet and Desktop compatible


Works in Azure as a Cloud Solution. No need for servers or installation


Access Anywhere Anytime 

Variety of Data Capture

Chronicle Online works with a variety of Proximity & Biometric Clocking Devices

30+ Years 

The Chronicle team has a combined 30+ years experience in Workforce Management

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