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IT11 - New Robust, Aesthetic & Cost Effective Clocking Terminal

Chronicle is pleased to announce the introduction of the IT11 our most compact and resilient clocking IN and OUT terminal, featuring a Mifare card reader, backlit display and customisable interface to suit the needs of any organisation.

Key Features

  • 2.8 inch mono LCD screen

  • Two USB ports

  • Capacitive keypad with up to four touch buttons

  • HID or Mifare badge reader configurations

  • Remote management available

Key Benefits

  • Simple clock layout

  • Choice of 2 or 4 button layout

  • Fast employee throughput ‘swipe and go’

  • Optional WiFi through USB

"The IT11 is a great addition to the wide range of clocking terminals that Chronicle provides and is an aesthetic, robust unit at an affordable price "

Rupert Lassen Managing Director.

For more information please speak with your account manager.


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