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Holiday Balance Calculations

Calculating Employees annual leave balances can be a headache, with calculations often being time consuming and inaccurate.

Chronicle has developed Holiday Balance and Accrual functionality in-line with UK Government guidelines.

1. Salaried staff - Full time fixed hours or Part time fixed hours

In Chronicle to get the correct holiday balance for a new starter is a simple a one click process.

The user just needs to define the company holiday year, mark an employee start date and define an annual holiday entitlement, the rest Chronicle calculates.

2. Shift Work, No fixed Hours, Zero Hours and Casuals

For the above workers, employees get credited holiday balances based on 12.07% of actuals hours worked....this is automatic.

In addition when an employee takes or requests annual leave, Chronicle calculates the average hours worked over the last 52 weeks and books the holiday based on the average.

For more information speak with your account manager or email us at


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