Advise on cleaning clocking terminals and door readers

Below is the advise from a hardware partner of Chronicle, Grosvenor Technology and how to cleaning your clocking terminals and door readers during the epidemic.

Grosvenor Technology is clearly not an authority on viruses or the control of them, but should you wish to clean your clocks more frequently due to the epidemic you might like to follow the advice below:

Cleaning terminals/clocks

  • To clean your terminal, we recommend using a soft, micro-fibre cloth dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol, non-toxic, non-bleach disinfectant safe cleaning fluid. Please take care to avoid run-off and do not allow any liquid to enter the plastic casing.

  • Caution: Care should be taken when cleaning the display as the use of excessive pressure or cleaning liquids can lead to the failure of the screen.

  • For a smear-free finish, polish with a dry, clean, lint-free cloth.

  • DO NOT use any other janitorial products, acids, solvents, polishes or abrasives.

Cleaning the Sensor