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JNC Sales Case Study

About JNC Sales

JNC Sales are one of the world's leading one-stop shops for amusement machines, with a wide selection of new and used equipment from the industry's leading manufacturers. JNC Sales' extensive stock covers video games, redemption machines, pushers, kiddie rides, fruit machines and sport games – plus loads more!

JNC Sales are one of the most established companies in the world market for arcade equipment and continue to provide customers with proven machines for all budgets, complemented by a professional sales service and dedicated aftersales support. With a global reach from their Bristol head office, JNC strive to get the right machines for their customers at the lowest possible prices.

The Challenge

JNC is actually two companies JNC Sales and Covertravel within a single organisation. They have a disparate workforce made up of engineers, arcade staff and office staff across 9 locations around the UK.

Having used timesheets and paper records since its incorporation in 1981 the business went to market in September 2018 looking for a product that could centralise the time and attendance records within the business. Head office wanted real time visibility of hours worked, lateness and overtime, whilst also enabling managers at a site level to administer their team’s records, schedule shifts and plan operationally.

It was imperative that the solution was quick and easy to set up, suitable for a retail and workshop environment, cloud based and could demonstrate a clear ROI Return on Investment.

Chronicle provided both online and onsite demonstrations of the proposed solution and a tailored proposal over the period of 3 months to a range of users and mangers within JNC.

With so many sites, the PAYmate clocking terminals were a great fit, not only where they low cost but they could also be installed internally by JNC and worked on their existing network.

Of significant importance was Chronicle ability to produce a payroll output showing all worked hours, overtime and holiday/sick hours appropriately for each employee. Using a combination of rounding rules, and overtime logic, Chronicle and JNC’s payroll team worked together to generate an accurate report saving the team substantial time and effort every month.

The Solution

Chronicle Online was developed by people with over 30 years combined experience in workforce management. The Chronicle product suite specially addresses all the challenges a retail operation such as JNC Sales face.

Chronicle Scheduling helps businesses roster the right people in the right place at the right time.

Chronicle PAYmate terminals provide an affordable low cost option to accurately track employees worked hours.

Chronicle Holiday Sick and Absence planning tools enables accurate reporting of incidents, statistics and live information.

Chronicle HR provides an online database of employee’s contracts, appraisals, discipline, history, skills and training records.

Chronicle Self Servicing – provide employees the ability to view rosters, see worked hours, check holiday sick and absence entitlements.

Chronicle Activity and Cost Centre tracking enables people to work different roles and for time to be logged against different areas of the business helping prepare an accurate payroll output.

Chronicle Exports enables business in a click of a button to produce a custom csv file in the correct format to import directly into payroll avoiding inaccuracies, overpaying staff and reducing admin time.

Chronicle Budgeting tools help manage staffing levels in either hours, headcount or monetary values. Showing you clearly plans vs budgets and actuals vs plans.

The Process

The implementation process was broken down into three parts.

  1. The Setup and Configuration – Activating the live environment, releasing the URL and username/password. Importing all the employee details, building and defining the working rules, budgets and shift patterns. Setting up all the holiday sick and absence entitlement. Tagging employees to the correct roster, activity and department.

  1. The Installation and Commissioning – Installing the hardware, checking it communicates properly, defining the IP address or DCHP settings and issuing fobs to the employees.

  1. The Training and Bedding IN – Online training for an hour at a time provided remotely. This helped give the best results and system users the opportunity to absorb the training at a manageable rate.

“The number of queries and time spent on overtime and absenteeism has significantly reduced since using Chronicle” Lucy Clarke, Director JNC Sales

The Technology

PAYmate Clocking Terminal

The Chronicle Online product is a great option for privately run businesses to plan and control their staffing levels and wage bill. Utilising the latest cloud based technology it also makes it viable and affordable for businesses with minimal IT infrastructure. Not to mention PAYmate terminals that are low cost and reliable.

“Month end is easy, no longer does it take 3-4 days to gather together multiple spreadsheets. I press a couple of buttons and I’m getting accurate data.” Lucy Clarke, Director JNC Sales

About Chronicle Computing

Chronicle Computing was established in to provide small medium and large companies the most functional, robust and affordable Cloud Based Workforce Management System in the UK.

Specialising in Time and Attendance, Access Control, HR and Scheduling Solutions. Chronicle Computing has extensive experience in managing, implementing, configuring, installing and training users on WFM systems.

Unit 41-42 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park Majors Road Watchfield, Swindon


Telephone: 07401578527

Freephone: 0800 1073284

Mission Statement – ‘To provide an affordable, simple and robust web-based workforce management system that users can prepare a payroll run with and extract management information, critical to a successful organisation.’


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