Big V Kampers – Case Study

Company Profile

Big V Kampers are based in Swindon Wiltshire and specialise in conversions, restorations and customisation of VW Camper vans on an impressive scale.

The Problem

Big V have numerous projects at any one time and lots of people working round the clock. Keeping track of everyone’s time and working out how many hours where being spent on each van was becoming problematic.

With limited IT infrastructure and a urgent requirement for a solution, a locally installed product would have been suitable, not to mention expensive to run and maintain. Big V wanted a simple easy to use web based product hosted in the cloud that was accessible anywhere and at any time with a robust clocking method.

The Solution

One of Chronicles sales consultants, spoke with Big V and after a series of questions came to understand their requirements in detail. After a quick online demonstration and fixed cost proposal, Big V where left to discuss internally and review.

The Chronicle team was invited back and did a demonstra