How much does a Time and Attendance System cost? Can I afford it?

How much does a Time and Attendance System cost?

Typicaly a Time and Attendance system cost is broken down into 4 Parts.

  1. Time and Attendance Software Licences

  2. Time and Attendance Hardware

  3. Time and Attendance Services

  4. Time and Attendance Support and Maintenance.

Time and Attendance Software is typically based on employees and users.

Prices range from £10- £25.00 per employee licence and from £125 to £500 a user.

Time and Attendance Hardware is based on data capture devices and consumables

Clocking Terminals start at £350.00 and go up to £1,500.00 and consumables start at £2.25 and go up to £5.50

Time and Attendance Services are charged per day and vary depending on the service provided.

Roughly speaking Project Management, Configuration and Training start at £700 a day and Installation is £500.00.

Time and Attendance Support and Maintenance is often around 15-20% of the total outright cost of the system and billed annually.

Why not read our Return on Investment Blog and get a better idea on how quickly you can break even and get a return when buying a Time and Attendance system.

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