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Choosing a Time & Attendance System

How to choose a Time and Attendance system & important points to consider.

On the surface the majority of products on the market deal with similar challenges and often appear the same. These typically revolve around a data capture method i.e. a Biometric terminal, Employee records, clocking in and out, some shift planning and the management of holiday sickness and absence.

However, it sadly true that even some of the UK's largest most established providers don't necessarily have 'easy to use' systems or a complete suite of modules to successfully manage a medium to large workforce. With users often disappointed or surprised when the software doesn't work they way they expected it to.

Below is a list of features when buying a time and attendance system to consider?

  • Does the system tell me what to do each day?

  • Does the system clearly and simply alert you to all the exceptions i.e. missed clockings and overtime?

  • How quick is it to book a Holiday SIckness and Absence records and can you make a booking down to the minute. I.e. a 45 minute absence for a doctors appointment?

  • How many holiday sickness and absence types can the system manage?

  • Can you book paid and unpaid events?

  • Do shifts work over a period of two days?

  • Does the system get confused on night shifts?

  • What happens when the clocks go forward or back for BST?

  • What happens to the reports and history of clocking records when you change a person's shift pattern?

  • Can you plan rotas in advance?

  • Does it automatically clock people out after an excessive period of time?

These may sound like relatively obscure or trivial issues, but when you actually start to use a time and attendance system and it is supposed to save you time and make your life easier, it is surprising how frustrating these seeming innocent features can be.

Chronicle has been developed with over 20yrs of experience in Workforce Management and has addressed the above and below issues.

Why not contact us today to discuss your requirements and be ressured with our

  • Technology

  • Architecture

  • Outright purchase costs

  • Support & Maintenance

  • Annual running costs

  • and Lifespan of the system

Not all Time and Attendance systems are the same!

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