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Biometric Benefits

Provides several advantages over traditional methods that require ID cards/tokens or Password/PIN numbers. Some of the advantages biometric devices provide are:

  • Eliminates buddy punching – the person must be physically present at the point of identification.

  • Eliminates badges/tokens/PINs – identification based on biometric techniques alleviates the need for users to remember a password or carry a token.

  • Improves security – protects sensitive and personal data by replacing PINs, eliminates credentials that can be stolen, and prevents unauthorised access to systems or facilities.

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All our Time and Attendance Solutions units have as standard

  • A steel case with a lockable back 

  • Memory and Battery Back-up as standard, avoiding any lost clocking’s or power failure issues on site.

  • Works in Live time – giving instant live data

  • Synced to an atomic clock, so the device never loses or displays the wrong time.

  • Automatically adjusts for BST.

  • Powered and Networkable for constant up time and robustness

Reduce your staff bill by 5% per annum

Whether you're a small or large business, our time and attendance system makes it a doddle to accurately track your largest expense, your staff!

Never over or under pay again.

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