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On-Premise or Off-Premise?

Currently, Chronicle has been designed to be either on or off-premise. This means the product can be hosted in the cloud (Azure) or installed on your server. There are some fundamental differences with the Software Hardware, Services and Support being offered. Why not contact us for an impartial discussion around the most appropriate solution?

Biometric or Proximity?

If you work a 24hr 7 day a week operation and employees are working remotely or unsupervised then biometrics is highly recommended to avoid buddy clocking or ghost employees. Proximity, however, is still very popular as its is simple and easy to implement and robust in the most extreme environments.


Chronicle customers can purchase outright or on a lease-purchase scheme.​


Chronicle will install both the hardware and software for you.

Chronicle provides full user training covering everything from clocking in and out to roster changes and report running.


We offer all types of support from phone to site visit.

How experienced is Chronicle Computing?

The people at Chronicle have spent their careers in the Workforce Management sector and understand the market inside out.

Does it manage Working Time Directive?

Chronicle can manage Day or Night workers who have opted in and out off the Working Time Directive Legislation. 

Tracking Paid and Unpaid activities?

Nearly all our terminals enable for activity and cost centre tracking paid or unpaid. Our software also lets you create and automate Paid and Unpaid rules for certain employees or work types as required.





Payroll Exports?

Chronicle can provide a payroll export in any format at any time with any combination of data that is required. We have worked with in-house payroll teams and bureaux before. 


Holiday Sickness and Absence entitlement?

Tracking Holiday SIckness and Absence is a challenge in any business. Chronicle aims to make this easier with an unlimited number of holiday sickness and absence types able to be tracked paid or unpaid. Rule engines can calculate Holiday Sickness and Absence entitlement based on worked hours and there is a full suite of reports providing users with valuable management information.


Is 5% a realistic return on investment?

Yes, definitely most companies break even in as little as 6 months from having used our software. Our calculations are conservative and after your demonstration of the solution a Chronicle representative can break down the calculation for you.

Is the software easy to use?

Chronicle has been designed with end-users in mind. Our priority is to provide a simple and easy to use workforce management product that doesn't take weeks to learn how to use.


I have very specific working rules?

That's absolutely fine, as part of our Pre Sales consultation and project process all variations and uniqueness of 'rules' will be accounted for and our in-house team of configuration engineers will set up your solution. You also have the peace of mind that we develop Chronicle in-house so if anything comes up that is unusual we can have our in-house Development team adjust the working logic around you and your business.

I need a Payroll report exactly this way?

Sure no problem, Chronicle will write you a custom report and export as part of the implementation process. Speak with your consultant for more information.


Can I import my old employee data?

Yes, chronicle can have an employee import initially to get you set up and running quicker. This includes name and address, dob, department, next of kin, rota, holiday absence and sickness balances.


Can I use my old clocking terminals?

That depends on the terminal and its age. Chronicle works with and provides ATS terminals. However, depending on the size of the order and hardware manufacturer this is something Chronicle reviews case by case.


I want to adopt flexi-time working rules for a small team is this possible?

Yes absolutely, different working rules can be enabled for different teams. 


Annualised Hours and Committed hours is something we do?

Yes. Chronicle supports a range of working practices including Annualised Hours, Committed and FlexiTime.


How often does the software get updated and upgraded?

Chronicle is in constant development and we update monthly.


Is my data safe and secure?

All data is stored and managed in a SQL database which is encrypted and password yes absolutely.


Contact Chronicle for a quote
Call Us for a free estimate

0800 1073284

Contact Chronicle for a quote
Call Us for a free estimate

0800 1073284

Contact Chronicle for a quote
Call Us for a free estimate

0800 1073284

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