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Correct and accurate configuration of your system is essential for fast and effective implementation. To make things easier we activate our software pre-loaded with all of your shift patterns and rotas, department and company structure plus all of your overtime logic.


It is this approach that means clients can start user testing and training on real records immediately.

Shift Patterns

Project pack, timeline, go live date

Department Structure

Creation and import of all working rules and contracts

Key people specified

Contract Rules

Site walk through, network power locations confirmed

EmployeE Details

Rounding Rules

Chronicle supports the rouding of hours in a variety of ways. Start and End Time rounding and Zoned Rounding

Example 1

Start and End time rounding 

Roster 09.00-17:00

Actual Start 09.05

Grace Period set at 3 minutes 

Penalty set at 15 minutes

In this example the employee has clocked late at 09.05 and will have their hours automatically rounded up to 09.15.

Example 2

Zone Rounding Example

Roster 09.00-17:00

Actual Start 08.50

The rule has been set so that any hours clocked between 08.30-09.00 round forward.

In this example the employee has clocked 10 minutes early - this doesn't count as worked hour and the clocking is rounded forward to pay the employee from 09.00.

Lunch Breaks

Chronicle supports paid and un-paid breaks, fixed breaks, timed breaks, split breaks, mandatory breaks etc.

Rounding rules can be applied to breaks as well as email alerts and exceptions if employee take too long or short a break.


Chronicle supports Daily Weekly and Combination Overtime rules. 

Daily overtime - Example

An employee has been rostered to work 09.00-17.00 an 8hr day.

Employe stays late and finishes at 09.00-18:00.

That extra 1 hr work can be paid at a premium - i.e. x1.5, x.2.0 etc

Weekly overtime - Example 1

An employee has been rostered to work 8hrs at  09.00-17.00 5 days a week for a total of 40hrs.

Employe stays late and finishes at 09.00-18:00 on Monday but leaves early on Friday - in this example the Monday overtime is not paid as the employee hasn't hit the weekly criteria of 40 hrs.

Weekly overtime - Example 2

An employee has been rostered to work 8hrs at  09.00-17.00 5 days a week for a total of 40hrs.

Overtime Rules states - Contracted Hours of 40 need to be hit Monday to Sunday included Holiday Sick and Absence. 1st 2 hrs are paid at x1.5 and the remaining 10 hrs at x2.0.

Employe stays late and finishes every day at 09.00-18:00 on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday but leaves on time Friday - in this example the criteria of 40hrs has been hit and the 1st 2 hrs worked is flagged as qualified overtime at x.1.5 and the remainder is flagged at x2.0.

Exceptional Items - Bonus - Travel Allowance - Sleep Ins

Automation can be set up to pay Attendance Bonus, Shift Premiums, Sleep In allowance Travel Allowances etc. Criteria can be configured to say only pay if the employee has not had any lateness or clocked every contracted day etc.

Contact Us to discuss your contract rules.

The above are just a collection of example contract rules - feel free to contact us to discuss your unique working practises and discuss your project.

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